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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As a big fashion blog garmentspedia to offer their visitors a good quality article, and we, have a very important role in the achievement of the desired quality level through the values of transparency, integrity and trust. We also recognize that our visitor are the key to our success.

In everything we do, we need to be truthful to ourselves, our visitor and our users. All our article can be justified, are based on realistic facts and are adequately documented and reported, with no untruthful or misleading information.

We keep our well writting of judgment in front of any situation and don’t let others put pressure on us and affect our writting.

It is the most valuable asset a Garmentspedia has. Our article need to be followed and trusted by visitors and this trust cannot be jeopardized at any time. Transparency, integrity, and honesty are the tools to get and keep this trust.

Garmentspedia actions will be guided by respect of the principles and standards of good behavior, and in case of concern, anyone can always raise his hand and ask for advice to us. Ideas can be discussed freely, and everyone can speak out at any time, as well as report any suspicion that the code is being violated. Superiors will also monitor performance based on those principles and standards.

These values can be applied in the following topics:
  • Lectrawilcom does not engage in bribery or corruption in any form. Anyone acting on behalf of, or representing Lectrawilcom must not receive direct or indirect monetary payments, gifts or compensations of any kind from a supplier in exchange of a preferential treatment, untrue inspection/audit results, or simply influencing his/her decisions. 
  • Any Lectrawilcom editor who receives an offer for a bribe must refuse it by referring to the Lectrawilcom immediately report the matter to his/her superior. 
  • Lectrawilcom editor cannot accept any kinds of payments in cash from a visitor. When for reasons attributable to normal work development, Lectrawilcom visitor cannot use visitor cars, computers or any other asset for other reason than work. 
  • Gifts, entertainment of any form, or exclusive meals, could damage all Lectrawilcom editor reputation, so they are not allowed at any extent. 
  • A conflict of interests appears Lectrawilcom when an editor opportunity for personal gain could interfere with his/her judgment, objectivity, independence or loyalty to the company.
  • Conflicts of interest can arise in many ways. If in doubt, team should seek guidance with colleagues and/or superiors. Always be transparent and honest.
  • Taking a second job outside Lectrawilcom is forbidden, as it could easily result in a conflict of interest. 
  • It’s not permitted to use Lectrawilcom assets and resources for any form of personal benefit or to perform work to an external party. profit, QA must protect the brand reputation. 
  • All editor must be treated with respect, and evaluated only by their job skills, behavior and performance. Editors must not be disfavored because of their race, religion, gender or any other ways of discrimination. 
  • Making sure all Lectrawilcom visitor work under safe and fair conditions is extremely important, so we need your cooperation to detect any violations of the social, labor and environmental code of conduct. 

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