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Frequently Asked Questions

HTML Questions and Answers

Question: How to work with <span>in CSS and HTML ?
Ans<span> is used in inline CSS

Question: What is XML?

Question: What is the different between HTML and HTML5 ?
Question: How can I change list icon ?

CSS Questions and Answers

Question: What is the different between CSS and CSS3 ?
Ans: This is the verson of CSS

Question: Who is CSS owner? Adobe CS5 Web Edition?
Ans: NA

Question: Is .menu, .menu a is class? Why it is working without calling in css?
Ans: It is built in class so we need not to call it in css

Question: What is the meaning of     #comments h5 {,    .comment_body p {   ,    iframe {

Question: What is Reset in CSS?
Ans. N/A

Question: What is the meaning  position: relative;      position: Absolute;   
Ans: Position relative is used for the box to kept like float : left. The margin point will be separate of this. On the other hand position Absolute locate margin point is same.

Question: What is the meaning  line-height: inherit;    padding: 0 0 40px; 

Question: Whats are the CSS code for menu radius?
Ans. Please check sample of menu.

Web Questions and Answers

Question: What is the meaning of fa-laptop fa-facebook fa fa twiter?
Ans. This is the good shaped icon developed by third party. We just put the link of that side.

Question: How many site is used a theme how can I understand?
Ans. NA

Blogger Questions and Answers

Question: What is </b:if> and </b:if> tag? How to use it?

Question: What is <b:if           ..      <b:else/>

Question: Why the font family of blogspot like this  --    font-family: &#39;Droid Sans&#39;;

Question: Why blogspot linking for font here --  url(

Question: How to create table in blogspot in text mode?

Question: How can we backup whole project of Blogger?
Ans: NA

Question: Is there any databse at blogspot?

Wordpress Questions and Answers

Question: Can I make my own stylesheet? When I download a template, I found there is some link of css stylesheet like <link href='//' rel='stylesheet'/>. Should we avoid them?
Ans: Wordpress flow his own style. If we dont flow wordpress style than it does not work.

Question: What is FRAMEWORK,Facebook Open Graph, img:hover,
Ans: FRAMEWORK is script, bootstate by default may function is given. img:hover {transition:2s; opacity:ddd}is used to change the parameter.

Question: What is #menu input {
Ans: Menu input is a file which is kept in another file. If necessary it is called.

Question: If I use free theme than what types of problem may occur? How can I find out or trace the weak point of free wordpress theme? How can I secure it?
Ans: Changer Footer Area. Change copy write, Change header, Change credential. etc. No need the think about theme if it is free because it will work free feature which is authorised. If you use crack than in future it may occur some problems.

Question: I have installed a theme in my local host. It is showing ok from my pc. But in other pc in same LAN it is broken? Why?

Question: What is the diffeerent between Business Sider/Image Slider and Portfolio?
Ans: Business slider is animation of image. Portfolio means about, home, terms and condition, contact us etc. .

Question: Can I Change theme name? Any effect after change?
Ans: Yes We can change the theme folder name. No problem.

Question: When we will dont get any free plugin than how should we work?

Question: What is Retina Ready?
Ans: NA

Java Script Questions and Answers

SEO Questions and Answers

Question: What should be the keyword Density? How it is works?
Ans: Keyword density should be 3%. Law and High means advertiser competition.

Question: If have a good blogger site. Can I apply for adsense account with different gmail acconts?
Ans: Yes possible

Question: Can I make a lot of back lin in a day?
Ans: No. If you create a lot of backling in a day than you may be banned by google.

Question:How many keyword should be in one article? 
Ans: 3%. Keyword can be sum of 2 words in different locations

Question:Is google keep broken link permanently? How to remove it?
Ans: It may be delete by sitemap.xml file

Question:  What is the meaning of One-Way and Two-Way/ Link Exchange

Question:What is the difference between Robots META Tag and Google Robots META Tag

Queston: Is there any affect when we change web technology from wordpress to HTML or wordpress to php etc? 

PHP Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Questions and Answers

Question: What is the different between Mail Chimp and Email Marketing?
Ans: Mail chimp is a plugin of WordPress for email marketing

Adsense Questions and Answers

Question:I am a website developer. I have download a relevant picture for one of my post. How can I make this picture unique? Please mention some setting/option/menu as I can change image parameter and can make a picture unique?

Question: Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.

Question: If I get adsense approval in my site. After verification I want to set this add code in another website named I want to remove add from Is it possible? 

Free Lancing UPwork

What is the meanig of Upwork Project?

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