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SEO Search Engine Optimization for Wordpress Part2

PHP Foreach Loop
Introduction of SEO

Date: 170317
Awesome screen capture : Awesome screen capture is very good website / plugin for scree shot. The url is -

  • Google serach
  • <span style="colodli   </span>"
  • We should call img in css
  • Cpanel filegoldn security
  • Gif Editor is used to make advertisement.
  • Ad size is predefined for google ad
  • I can set local ad though there is any google adsense
  • We can use flagcouhter for the site. The url of flagcounter is
  • We can search in database
  • Copy google html search code and paste it in your site, it will sork
  • We can upload video (Share, Embed, ) <iframe> ...... </iframe>
  • Use different file sharing sites
  • For example :  and
  • The file of file sharing sites are indexed by google

SEO Planning

A. Keyword Research 

  1. CPC / bit suggest rate
  2. Countrywide search
  3. Competition (HIgh low medium)
  4. Monthly search volume 

Keyword Type

There are 3 types of keywords
  1. Short
  2. Medium
  3. Nishe / Long Trail Keywords

Others Terms

  • Direct Hit
  • Ad-Paind Ad in google
  • Main keywords
  • Secondary keywords
  • Parrent keywords
  • Child keywords
SEO is type 
  1. Black SEO
  2. White SEO

B. Domain Selection

  • Topic based/ product based/ company subject etc.
  • Short Name
  • Easy to spelling
  • Easy to remember. 

C. Search Engine Submission

We need to submit url manually in search engine 

D. Meta Tag

E. On Page Optimization

Image optimization 

F. Xml Sitemap

G. Cache / Index

H. Off Page optimization 

I. Web Rank

J. Google Advance Search

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