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CPanel Programming for Wordpress Part1

Introduction of CPanel

Date: 130317
  • There are some free cpanel in world wide. But they are very temporary. e.g. or 
  • Search File Manager / Online File Manager in cpanel  
  • Go to Public_html / Htdoc
  • You should make zip from insight
  • Godaddy is best
  • You can go payment gallery
  • You can go
  • Change footer to make it unique
  • Change copyright to make it unique
  • Change footer information
  • If you get theme free than dont be worried 
  • Chane Header to make it unique
  • Framewordk
  • img: hover={opaaacity} 
  • You can view any website code by view page source
  • Framework, Script, Bootstate
  • menu input and other kill is preserved and it is called later if necessary 
  • CSS transition Screen icon zoom etc
  • Position relative or position: absolute is used in css

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