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Job Responsibilities of IT Manager in a Garments Industry

Job Responsibilities of IT Manager

  • To develop, research, analyze, implement, configure and support complex corporate networking solutions, both hardware and software for Linux, Windows XP, 7,8, 10, Server 2003, Micro tic Router, Cisco switches, Cisco routers and Cisco firewalls.
  • Responsible for the smooth, availability and reliability of the authority’s internal computer, optical fiber service and support, telephone network systems etc.
  • Responsible for maintaining security policy, system data and ensuring and maintaining compliance documents like password changing record, monthly, quarterly and weekly service checklist, ctpat policy, maintaining It system violators register, laptop/computer assessment from, email registration and termination form, projector in out register, etc. for different audit requirements.
  • Support both internal users of ATL, AKL, JEL, BWL, BMS, TRZ with technical support, queries, guidance and external users e.g. Buyer, Auditor, Qc etc. 
  • Extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience of network equipment’s like wireless technologies for point-to-point links - 802.11, Wi-LAN, Air Live etc. across many different units.
  • In-depth experience and understanding of network communication protocols, such as Transmission Control Protocol - TCP / Internet Protocol -IP . Applied experience of advanced routing, switching, diagnostic fault finding and configuration of network topologies.
  • React in an unsupervised manner to problems of a complex nature using initiative to trace, track, report and resolve issues arising from system failures and maintaining service bincard, service memo, registering problems in document as per IT departmental procedures.
  • Responsible for installing complex, high value, networking hardware such as switches, network cabling, routers and bridges, across a diverse range of platforms like Apple, Microsoft, Android etc.
  • Thorough knowledge and hands-on experience in the configuration block and management of potentially Internet and complicated firewall technologies.
  • Responsible for organizing, installing, planning, testing and commissioning network servers, including both software and hardware across a diverse range of systems, including Windows 2003/2008,2010 2012 Server, Windows Client technology, Virtualization technology such as Linux Server.
  • Required to analyze complicated issues and then design & implement complete network wrack solutions around the office with real life diagram. 
  • Responsible for maintaining servers, including patching and updating on a regular basis, to ensure system service security and minimize loss of services. Ensuring that file servers, print servers and live production systems are available and working to optimum efficiency.
  • Responsible for administration of a large number of network systems e.g. Windows active directory -AD user accounts, information sharing, file security system, domain naming systems, dynamic host control protocols-DHCP and server monitoring services etc.
  • Required to manage, research and develop core ICT systems, including relational databases with web applications.
  • Responsible for the installation, configuration and support of network based and wireless printers in a diverse integrated multi-platform operating system infrastructure. Listing total computer, printer, IP, scanner and other IT products
  • Responsible for the installation, configuration and service and support of CAD Plotter’s printers and software eg. Garber, Lectra, Iechosoft, Investronica and HPGL etc in a diverse integrated multi-platform operating system.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of desktop operating systems, with a minimum of twelve years hands on proven experience e.g. Windows XP/Windows 7, 8, 10 etc
  • Respond to user calls and PABX configuration e.g. Samsung, Panasonic etc. and registering telephone problems of user and calling vendor for critical solutions that have been escalated from the ICT Help Desk, direct calls, emails or other members of the ICT Department. 
  • Act as expert in relation to desktop software support and hardware, to provide technical support and guiding, supervising and distributing jobs to Mr. Aftab, Officer and Mr. Sukur Ali, Technician
  • Have practical knowledge of supporting 180+ users, 30 printers, various cameras, scanners, plotters, projectors and other equipment. Installing and troubleshooting CCTV system. 
  • Ability to communicate effectively, in a concise manner, in relation to difficult technical subjects, with approximately 180 users, senior management, 5 Directors, external consultants, external organizations, remote workers and the public.
  • Assist and guide to the users by email and by training in defining needs which could be both wide ranging and complex, resulting in the development of practical solutions. Influence decisions to best fit the corporate office and resources.
  • Required to perform exhaustive research to ICT systems and produce detailed reports on IT sop, IT policy, findings, including scope of product and impact on ICT systems, which will influence the final decisions made.
  • Installing Newgen applications and Giving Training to users how to connect Newgen applications. Installing and maintaining automated production tracking system (apts). Developing IT management system software for IT department. 
  • Online promotional activities of Babylon group.
  • Assessment documents for procurement of IT products
  • Marinating and keeping record to cancel user ID, Mail ID & IP address when any computer user resign, dropped out and termination.

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