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Welcome to AccuMark Pattern Design/Silhouette System

AccuMark Pattern Design

Welcome to AccuMark Pattern Design/Silhouette System, the most productive pattern design system available today. The power of Gerber’s existing pattern design systems have been combined with the Windows XP®, and Windows Vista® interfaces. The tools are easily accessible in user-definable tool bars. The result is a system that eliminates time-consuming, repetitive tasks, allowing the creation of more patterns in less time.

The topics covered in the Getting Started assume that the user is familiar with marking and has received proper training on the basic functionality of the AccuMark™.
Professional and Advanced Editions

AccuMark Pattern Design/Silhouette System Advanced Edition has been designed to specifically meet the needs of manufacturers by enabling them to transform their manual operations to automation and rapidly meet the increasing demands of the industry.

AccuMark Pattern Design/Silhouette System Professional Edition is the preferred solution for pattern designing worldwide. Powerful design and grading functionality deliver software that meets the needs of manufacturers, enabling them to increase quality, productivity and performance. Silhouette is designed for use with the Silhouette table which lets pattern makers work in life size scale to draft and work with muslins or toiles.

About This Book

This Getting Started with AccuMark Pattern Design/Silhouette book explains how to install the new software and the minimum and recommended system requirements.

Also included is an explanation of the user interface, the various applications that make up AccuMark Pattern Design/Silhouette and the standard and optional hardware that is used with the system.

Throughout the book the AccuMark Pattern Design/Silhouette System is referred to as PDS/Silhouette.
Who Should Use This Book

This book is designed primarily for the new operator of an AccuMark Pattern Design/Silhouette System.

User Prerequisites

This guide assumes that the user has a full working knowledge of Windows Vista, or Windows XP Professional operating system, has used an AccuMark marking or grading system and is familiar with pattern design, marking, and grading terminology.

If more help is needed in the area of Windows Vista, or Windows XP Professional, please consult the documentation supplied with the operating system

If more training on any Gerber marking/grading/pattern design product is needed, please contact the local Gerber Technology Sales Representative.
Document Organization

This Getting Started with AccuMark Pattern Design/Silhouette System manual is organized as follows:

• Installation and setup

• Overview of AccuMark

• Getting Acquainted with PDS/Silhouette

• Working with Models and Styles

• Customization

• Learning the Basics

• Printing and Plotting

Product Support

As part of our commitment to excellence, Gerber Technology provides complete product support for PDS/Silhouette running on Windows XP, and Windows Vista software, worldwide.

For product support within the United States or Canada, call:


For International Operational Support, questions can be faxed to:


Please faxes directed as such:

Customer Service – Software Support, Gerber Technology Inc.

For software/hardware support, training, or information about products outside the United States and Canada, call your local Gerber Technology Sales and Service Office in your area.
User Documentation

AccuMark Release Notes – This document explains the contents of the current software release, provides installation instructions, and provides a quick introduction to AccuMark functionality.

What’s New – Double click the PDF icon on Documentation page of the GERBER LaunchPad to view online information about the current version of AccuMark, including what has been added or changed since the last version of AccuMark.

AccuMark Configuration Notes – Also on Documentation page of the GERBER LaunchPad, this document provides general information on how to configure hardware for use with the AccuMark software.

AccuMark Explorer – AccuMark Explorer online help provides information on how to create new data items, import, export, and manage AccuMark Data.

AccuMark Find – The AccuMark Find documentation provides information on methods used to search and report information located in AccuMark databases.

AccuMark Hardware Configuration – The Hardware Configuration document provides information on the set up of an AccuMark system to use a digitizer, pen, plotter, or other hardware.

AccuMark Utilities – AccuMark Utilities documentation explains how to complete hardware setup, and data utilities functions.

AccuMark PDS/Silhouette User’s Guide – This document is a printable version of the online help file included with the system.

AccuMark Data Management and Output User’s Guide – This document is a printable version of the online help file included with the system.

AccuMark Marker Making User’s Guide – This document is a printable version of the online help file included with the system.

AccuMark Documentation on the Installation CD – There are supplemental documents in the AccuMark Documentation folder of the installation CD. The documents include information on networking, SQL, permissions, conversions and software releases.

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