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ACCUMARK 8.5.108 Read Me File

ACCUMARK 8.5.108 Read Me File

The AccuMark™ Family CD-ROM contains the following Gerber Technology Products:

* AccuMark™ Version

* GERBERplanner Version 8.5.0

* Made to Measure System Version 8.5.0

* AccuNest™ Version

* AccuScan Version

Installed with AccuMark™:

* Pattern Conversion Wizard

* AM Batch

* CSV Tools

* Lconvert

* DXF File Converter

Installed with AccuMark™ and WinPlot:

* Problem Report Utility Version 8.5.1

Third party packages included on the CD-ROM

* MMC (Microsoft Management Console) Version 1.2

* Rainbow Security

* Sentinel System Driver Version 7.6.1

Individual release notes and documentation are included for each product on the

appropriate pages. These documents detail the improvements and enhancements made

to the individual products.


To install the software, you will need a browser to access the setup.exe and the .html files. If autorun is enabled, the AccuMark™ Family CD-ROM installation will automatically start when the CD is inserted into the CD-ROM drive. If autorun is not enabled, double click on setup.exe in the root directory of this CD to start the installation.

Select the appropriate links to view documentation and install the desired software.

Or you can run each of the programs individually:

NOTE: E: signifies the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive.

Select by using the Windows Explorer or Start, Run

NOTE: The AccuMark Family CD-ROM may contain software that you have not purchased or are not entitled to in your software subscription contract. Verify your software entitlement before installing applications.

* What you need to do first

E:\Docs\System Requirements.htm

* What are the System Requirements

E:\Docs\System Requirements.htm

* Test for Minimum Requirements


* Software License Agreement


* Installing your Software License File

E:\docs\Security License File.htm

* Install AccuMark™ Software


a. Release Notes - E:\AccuMark\Program Files\

Gerber Technology\AccuMark V8\AccuMark\relnot_pe.pdf

Release Notes - E:\AdvancedEdition\Program Files\

GerberTechnology\AccuMark V8\AccuMark Advanced Edition\


Release Notes - E:\sil2000\docs\relnot_pds.pdf

b. What's New - E:\AccuMark\Program Files\Gerber Technology\

AccuMark V8\AccuMark\whatsnew_pe.pdf

What's New - E:\AdvancedEdition\Program Files\

Gerber Technology\AccuMark V8\AccuMark Advanced Edition\


What's New - E:\sil2000\docs\whatsnew_pds.pdf

c. Configuration Notes - E:\AccuMark\Program Files\

Gerber Technology\AccuMark V8\AccuMark\confignotes.pdf

Configuration Notes - E:\AdvancedEdition\Program Files\

Gerber Technology\AccuMark V8\AccuMark\confignotes.pdf

d. Training Materials - e:\training docs

* Install GERBERplanner Software


a. Installation Requirements -


b. Release Notes - E:\GerberPlanner\docs\readme.htm

c. What's New - E:\GerberPlanner\docs\whatsnew.htm

* Install WinPlot Software


a. Release Notes - E:\winplot\docs\winplot_release_notes.pdf

b. User's Guide - E:\winplot\docs\winplotversion\winplotUsersGuide.pdf

c. Algotex Getting Started - E:\winplot\docs\algotexversion\WinPlotforAlgotexGettingStarted.pdf

* Install Made to Measure Software


a. Release Notes - E:\mtm\releasenotes_mtm.pdf

b. Highlights - E:\mtm\madetomeasure.pdf

c. What's New - E:\mtm\whatsnew_mtm.pdf

* Install AccuNest™ Software


a. Release Notes - E:\AccuNest\Docs\Release_Notes_AccuNest_PE.pdf

b. Release Notes - E:\AccuNest\Docs\Release_Notes_Nester_Update_V82.pdf

c. What's New - E:\AccuNest\Docs\Whats_New_AccuNest_PE.pdf

d. Getting Started AccuNest PE - E:\AccuNest\Docs\Getting Started AccuNest PE.pdf

e. Getting Started NESTER Trial - E:\AccuNest\Docs\Getting Started Nester Update V82.pdf

* Permissions for Windows XP/2000/NT [Security Change]

a. Instructions - E:\XPpermissions\xp permissions.htm

b. Manual Instructions for setting yourself - E:\XPpermissions\

manual set permissions.htm

c. Run the program - E:\XPpermissions\xppermfix.exe

* Install Microsoft Management Console (MMC)


Read the release notes for important information.

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