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Lectra Diamino Marker Making Software Installation Procedure


Here we will show you how to Install Lectra Diamino Marker Making Software step by step
As soon as the DVD is inserted in the PC an “Autorun” file will be executed which automatically opens an html document: the setup guide.

1.1 . Localized setup guide

  • The user can read this setup guide in a chosen language:
  • It explains the Diamino installation process and associated recommendations, includes a “Diamino Installation” push button to directly pilot an automatic Diamino installation,
  • lists the applications installed by the Diamino installer and includes another push button, “Update Lectra workstation”, to allow upgrading other workstations.

1.2. Diamino installer Diamino

  • Installer’s purpose is providing an easy self-installation mode.
  • This automatic Diamino installer, accessible from the setup guide as seen in 1.1, allows deploying required packages with one unique installer.

1.2.1. Applications installed by Diamino installer:

  • MarkerMaking: Lectra marker making solution.
  • MarkerManager: Lectra marker management solution.
  • Modaservice: Lectra service dedicated to Modaris data exchange.
  • JustPrint: Lectra plotting solution.
  • ButtonBox : Lectra Button Box management application.
  • Chang: Lectra application dedicated to Dxf data configuration.
  • Other applications and tools: E
  • Manager, FLEXlm, GetInfo: Lectra tools that respectively manage
  • Lectra applications language, licensing, data collection for support operations.

1.3. Upgrader
A second automatic installer called « Upgrader » is reachable through the Setup Guide. This upgrader
is dedicated to all computers that are not Diamino stations.
This upgrader is to be executed on workstations used for plotting: this ensures compatibility with applications installed by Diamino installer.
It upgrades the following packages only if a previous release is already installed on the station.



Diamino DVD Content


1.3.1. Upgraded applications by Upgrader:

Modaservice: Lectra service dedicated to Modaris data exchange

XChang: Lectra application dedicated to Dxf data configuration.


All Lectra installation packages are based on MSI technology (MicroSoft Installer ).

All Lectra installation packages described in this document are built with InstallShield (version 2010 and version 2012) from Flexera Software.

2.1 Using Diamino installer and Upgrader apart from DVD Copy all the installer folder tree from the DVD (shown below) oo guarantee a good deployment of Diamino installer and its sub- packages.

The following picture shows, within the red rectangle, the complete “Installer” folder.

Then, execute Diamino installer, running the following program:Packages

DiaminoVxRy.exe or execute the Upgrader, running the following program:Packages \Related_Packages

2.1.1 Installation Folder

By default, the installation folder is <WINDIR>

\Program Files

\Lectra, where <WINDIR> = OS deployment disk (generally “C: \”).

If you want to define another installation folder, see options below.

2.1.2 Options

To define a specific installation folder, for example: MY_INSTALLPATH, the command line will be: Package.exe




“” represents a space character;
“Package.exe” represents the package to install.
“/v” is the option for defining parameters
“INSTALLDIR” is the MSI Value to define with the specific installation folder;

Be careful to respect quotes””.
Example :

To install Diamino in following folder: “D:\ProgramFiles\Fashion_Solution”


If previous Lectra products versions are already installed, you will face an upgrade process. These newversions packages are designed to face this upgrade so do not uninstall previous versions. Run new
packages installation as previously explained.

Once checking new versions are working you can uninstall previos versions if any exist:

In case of upgrading a corrective version, the new installed version has replaced the previous one.

In case of a major version upgrading (Diamino V6 on Diamino

V5 for example), the two different
versions coexist and can work independently

Now we are showing how to install lectra diamino software

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