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How to Import Export Marker File in Diamino V6R1


It is a file of the sequential commands with a description of all data that the marker-making software can deal with.

The file has a file identifier (indicated by "**") followed by a terminator character and a list of command lines. All the command lines must have the same ending to be interpreted correctly.

The terminator character is a sequence with a maximum of 3 characters:

A file is made up of command lines, which have keywords and user or predefined parameters (see Erreur ! Source du renvoi introuvable. and Erreur ! Source du renvoi introuvable.).
3.2 Block

A block defines a specific group of command lines: it begins by the keyword "begin_of_marker", "begin_of_model", "begin_of_part", ending by keywords "end_of_marker", "end_of_model", "end_of_part" and contains the command lines.

All the command lines contained in the block will only be effective in this block. The user parameters or predefined parameters of this block will only be applied locally and will not have any influence on the following blocks.
3.3 Comment line

Any line beginning with a '#' is simply skipped by the interpreter, without mention. Such lines can be used as a comment for better user readability of this ASCII file


A command line has :

<keyword>=<user_parameter_or_predefined>[,<list_of_parameters>] All the keywords <keyword> are given on the next page:

• The parameter <user_parameter_or_predefined> is type <numeric_value> , <yes-no>, <string> or <predefined>.

• The parameter <list_of_parameters> is optional. It is the same type as the parameter

<user_parameter_or_predefined> and is only used for certain parameters (see Erreur ! Source du renvoi introuvable. and Erreur ! Source du renvoi introuvable.).

• The type <numeric_value> is a numeric value: ASCII encoding of signed integer or double-float number, decimal point is '.' (ASCII 0x2e) All the parameters of this type are "0" by default.

• The type <yes-no> is yes or no. All the parameters of this type are "no" by default.

• The type <string> is a string of ASCII characters. All the parameters of this type are "" (empty string) by default. This type includes the sub-types <path>.

Allowed characters are a set of printable ASCII characters, restricted to :

- uppercase and lowercase letters (ASCII 0x41 to 0x5a, and 0x61 to 0x7a respectively)

- digits 0 to 9 (ASCII 0x30 to 0x39)

- length of fields is also restricted, according to the parameter type in Diamino.

• The type <predefined> is a <string> type that depends on the keyword (see Erreur ! Source du renvoi introuvable. and Erreur ! Source du renvoi introuvable.).

1.1 File example

begin_of_marker unit_number_in_meter=1000 unit_number_in_degree=60 path_marker=/Data/PLA path_model=/Data/MOD format_marker=plx format_model=xch

working_space_mode=accumulated working_vectorisation=normal marker_name=NomDuPLC marker_code=CodeDuPlc marker_comment=CommentaireDuPlc marker_global_space=1.2 marker_move_tolerance=24 marker_fine_rotation=600 marker_targeted_efficiency=0.793 width_value=1000 fabric_packaging=simple fabric_constraint_name=NomTissu fabric_code=CodeTissu fabric_type=T1

# Model ModeleTOTO size 3800, repeat 12, begin_of_model model_file_name=ModeleTOTO model_file_name_extension=XCH model_size=3800 model_quantity=12 end_of_model begin_of_model model_file_name=ModeleTOTO model_file_name_extension=XCH model_size=3400 model_quantity=10 end_of_model begin_of_model model_file_name=ModeleTITI model_file_name_extension=XCH model_size=3800 model_quantity=1 end_of_model end_of_marker
2.1 Keywords

begin_of_marker unit_number_in_meter=1000 unit_number_in_degree=60 format_marker=plx format_model=mdl marker_name=PANTALON marker_code=A

marker_comment=Comment of marker ¨PANTALON¨ marker_global_space=0.0 marker_move_tolerance=0.0 marker_fine_rotation=0.0 marker_targeted_efficiency=0.0 width_value=1400

width_max_length=150000 width_border=0.0 width_spacing_start=0.0 width_spacing_end=0.0 width_spacing_bottom=0.0 width_spacing_top=0.0 fabric_packaging=simple_ply fabric_constraint_name=AVECSENS fabric_type=1 oversewing=1 weft_origin=0 weft_step_vertical=0 weft_step_horizontal=0 marker_length=3392 marker_efficiency=0.1657 perimeter_marked_pieces=13000 straight_lines_marked_pieces=9310 curves_marked_pieces=3690 marked_pieces_area=787200 cut_perimeter=12960 notch_number=34 angle_number=49 internal_points_number=0 marker_creation_date=03121999 marker_creation_time=17:34:54 marker_last_modification_date=03121999 marker_last_modification_time=17:37:26 marker_realisation_type=undefined marked_pieces_number=12 non_marked_pieces_number=0 begin_of_model model_format=mdl model_file_name=PANTALON model_file_name_extension=MDL model_variant=505TO model_size=32:10: model_direction_reverse=no model_group=1 model_quantity=1 model_code=LANGSIDE model_type=normal model_fully_marked_number=1 model_partly_marked_number=0 model_non_marked_number=0 end_of_model end_of_marker

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