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Plotting AccuMark Data on a Lectra Alys Plotter

Plotting AccuMark Data on a Lectra Alys Plotter

Lectra Alys Plotter

  • In this example, Accumark is loaded on one PC (PC1), and the Alys drivers plus the Lectra “Just Print” application are loaded on a second PC (PC2). As noted below, in some cases it may be necessary to also install the Lectra Alys Pilot Explorer program.
  • A “Z:” drive is created by mapping from PC1 to PC2 using the path:

  • Lectra on PC2. (\Lectra is a folder on PC2 that contains a sub-folder named PLOT.) This can actually be any path since we will tell the Lectra plot program where to find the file.
  • PC1 is connected via network (this can also be direct) to an Infinity plotter with a destination = “Serv”. PC2 is connected directly via USB to the Alys.
  • onfigure AccuMark system to plot HPGL file in PC1
  • For plotting pieces, run Piece Plot, change the Plot Destination to DOS FILE, then open Plot Options to change the File Type to HPGL and use plt for the extension name, and use Z:\PLOT for the Default Directory.
  • For plotting markers, run Marker Plot, change the plot destination to DOS FILE, then open Plot Options and change the file type, extension and default directory using the same details as specified in the Piece Plot Options.

Configuring the Alys Plotter

This section will explain how to configure the Alys Plotter. If your system is already configured with the Alys plotter, please ignore this part and go to “Plot HPGL file in PC2 on Alys”.

Install Alys Driver:

Connect Alys plotter with PC, do not power on Alys plotter, then insert ALys-JustPrint CD to CDROM, it will auto start the driver installation, please select the installation language:

Then please follow the Configuration Assistant to finish the driver installation.
After finished driver installation, it will prompt the current device. Below is the Alys plotter connected via a USB cable:

Plot HPGL file in PC2 on Alys:

1. HPGLPrint

Right-click an HPGL plot file from the subdirectory to which it was sent.

Use the right-click “open with” menu item to select the HPGL Print program from the list of available programs. HPGLPrint.exe is usually located in the subdirectory C:\Program Files\Lectra Systemes\Printer\. Follow instructions as requested by the HPGLPrint program. Refer to the following screenshots.

In some Lectra configurations, the First Alternative described above does not work. In such a case, it may be necessary to use an optional Lectra licensed program named the Alys Pilot Explorer. The following instructions assume that the Alys Pilot Explorer has been installed and is properly licensed by Lectra:

  • Choose the Icon for “Alys Pilot Explorer”
  • At program screen, click “Add”
  • The HPGL folder (or whatever folder your path was mapped to) will show the available pieces/markers in HPGL format. Select the piece(s)/marker(s) you want to print.
  • Make sure the Alys is On Line and the paper is loaded.
  • Click “Plot”

Plotting Multiple Pieces and Markers

Both alternatives described above support the capability to select multiple pieces or markers for addition to the plotter queue for subsequent plotting.

Switching between multiple plotters

The Plot options set up apply to HPGL plotters. These options automatically remain once they are set. To return to plotting with a different plotter such as the Gerber Infinity, you will need to return to the default plot options for PC1, as shown above.

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