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What is AccuMark 8.0 Backwards Compatibility?

AccuMark 8.0 Backwards Compatibility

AccuMark 8.0 Backwards Compatibility

When introducing new features and functionality, we attempt to maintain backwards compatibility with older AccuMark versions. Because of some of the new, powerful functions in version 8, we have found it necessary to add some additional functionality to maintain this capability. The need to exchange data with your business partners around the world makes it essential that you have the ability to create data that can be used in any version of AccuMark. This is the reason why we are providing you with the tools to create data in either version 8 or version 7 structures. If you have business partners that have not upgraded to version 8, you will want to make sure that you are providing them data in the correct format. We have provided easy to use tools that will enable you to save data in version 7 or version 8 formats. NOTE: Please be aware that if you use some of the new features in version 8. and send data back to a version 7 system there may be some differences in piece shape. There are several new features available in AccuMark PDS Version 8.0 that are not compatible with Classic AccuMark or Classic AccuMark PDS Version 7.6.5 or earlier, or PDS2000 Version 2.0.10 or earlier. Some items are not supported and will not be preserved if the data is saved in an earlier version of software, and in some cases piece geometry can change shape or notches can move

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