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How to Export and Import Database in HeidiSql

Database in HeidiSql

This is an overview of Heidi sql. Heidisql is used in PHP. It can be install in both windows and linux. This is a client server type application. It is not usable without server. So please make sure that you have a installed this types of SQL server like MS SQL, MySQL server etc.

Features of HeidiSQL

This is completely open source software
This is running and installing from last 12 years.
It will connect to a server via command line
We need to configure SSL tunnel during configuration.
In this sql platform we can create query, table, views, sored routlines, as well as scheduled event.
It generate very good SQL import , exports, compress file features etc
It is very portable so one database can portable with another database easily.
User privilege could be defined by this sql software.
Text file from the database can be import by this software.
Good graphical user interface.
It has Grid facility.
The tables could be download as csv, html, xml etc

How to Export Database?

  • First open Heidisql Application
  • Then Click Tools
  • Then click Export Database as SQL
  • Then Click Unnamed icon
  • Then select database name uncol
  • Then check both Drop and Create for database 
  • Then check both Drop and Create for table
  • Then type save location like E:\bbap\kk 170617.sql
  • Finally click Export

How to Import Database?

  • First select database named apts
  • Then click Load SQL File
  • Then select the database from your computer location 
  • Then click Execute command button 

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