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SEO Search Engine Optimization for Wordpress Part1

SEO Search Engine Optimization for Wordpress Part1
SEO Introduction: 

Date: 20/03/17
  1. Domain Selection cover 35% SEO
  2. Wordpress Cover 35% SEO
  3. Others Cover 30% SEO
Google Adwords: It is keyword research tools. Some other terms is given bleow
  • Suggested Bid
  • Internal Link
  • Countrywide search
  • Google trend
  • Consistency in google trend
  • Top chart
  • Keyword filter
  • Download Excel sheet in csv format
  • Low competitor for advertiser
  • Low/High based on advertiser  
  • Answer the public is best keyword research tools is used for article writing. the URL is
  • You can not do so many back link in a day. If you do it google may band your site. 
  • We can change publisher ID of YouTube and can use ad-sense
  • We can apply with any other email address for adsense for my own blog.
  • Copyscape is best plagiarism checker . The url is -
  • Site title is call H1

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